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Vintage and Performance Scooters“Bald John’s Fireball!”

Calling All Vespa and Stella / LML Star Riders

This Fireball Stella with a Spitfire red 226 Vintage H-Bomb pipe belongs to GGR Scooter Club’s Bald John. Tucson has lower humidity than most places, and at 2500 ft above sea level his jetting is pretty spot on with a 55/160 main jet, 160 air corrector, BE3 mixer, 125 main jet, P200 air filter, and currently running without the carb box lid. The Fireball’s P200 gearing is a great match to the power curve of the H-Bomb.

226 Vintage makes exhausts for all two-strokes: From vintage, pre-P scoots through the P series, to the Stella / LML Star. Our proposition is simple: you put one of these exhausts on your scooter, and you feel the full joy of riding throughout the entire powerband of your scoot.

Our exhausts sport a lifetime, one owner manufacturer’s warranty that we service. Ask any of our current riders and you will understand our commitment to your performance and overall happiness with our pipes.

We have modified our original offerings, the Hot Wing and the H-Bomb, to fit perfectly with pre-P, vintage scoots like the GS, Rally and Super Sport. Check out our GS exemplar bike, fully installed here if you need some fuel for your decision to get a 226 Vintage V-model exhaust.

Bald John FireballWhat started as Project Stella has evolved, but we haven’t forgotten Stella riders. For you, and now for all Vespa riders, we also manufacture the Black BoltTM Rear Shock Bolt. It’s a longer-than-stock bolt that removes the worry from your rear end. We are riders and we want our lives to be fuller so we make these things as much for us as we do for you. With over 500 bolts sold to date, we are on a mission to replace every rear shock bolt with one of these babies. Visit our store to read more about it.

If you want to see some of our products in action, we have provided all of our resellers with promo pipes that you can ride. Check our store locator for the shop nearest you. If your local shop doesn’t carry our products, ask them why not and then have them get a hold of us!

In the meantime, we can hook you up with a 226 rider in your area for a demo and a testimonial. Your excuses have dwindled to none. What are you waiting for?

Scooter On!


04/01/2011 - Price Change Alert!

The Bad News: Let's get that out of the way first. We have held off as long as we could, but prices on our exhausts are going up to $499 as of May 1st, 2011. The price of doing business in the US goes up, so we all have to make adjustments to keep up.

The Good News: We have extended our 10 percent discount to all verifiable scooter club members through the end of the season to November 1st. We are trying to promote scooter club membership so send us a virtual patch from your club and receive a special promo code for your order! Do it now before the special discount goes away...

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Meantime, check the dyno graphs that compare 226's LML/Stella 150 pipe and the P200 pipe to the leading pipes on the market, and your interest may be piqued as well. The evidence is clear in both cases: the highest HP output belonged to 226 Vintage. Now, we've added new dynos and a video on the H-Bomb for the 200 as well!

Fireball Phil’s Stella Upgrade

Recently acquired from Phil by Bald John, here is the story of the upgrade. Pay attention and reap the benefits!

"I went from bone stock to a Sito Plus pipe and GGR Hot Reed at 500 miles. The improvement was noticeable. Soon after that we put the H-Bomb on and the performance increase was huge. Second and third gear are the most impressive. I am sure there is the law of diminishing return on the top end. Let’s face it, on a Vespa/Stella aerodynamics are nonexistent. Fact is, I now get out of third gear what was basically my top end in fourth. Fifty MPH is no problem in third and more importantly, it gets there in a hurry. Best Regards, Fireball Phil

Who’s on the cover of Scootering?

Scootering Magazine coverThe answer is 226. Martin Murray wanted the best pipe available to fit to his Best in Show winner “For Valour.” He came to us and asked for a Hot Wing that he could have chromed and engraved. Buy Scootering to see and read about this scoot and the history that culminated in its making.

See more of Martin Murray’s, “For Valour” on our team page.

Who’s Riding 226 Pipes?

GuillermoWe keep adding to the ranks of 226 riders. Many have given us excellent feedback on design, fit, tuning and more. You should check the reviews and the FAQs for specific answers on things like jetting, timing, and tuning. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, Bald John started a thread on stellaspeed.com and on paisans.org to fuel the discussion. Both of those sites are worth registering for. Remember, we’re pipe makers and can only give general suggestions on tuning. Since your specific setup will vary, you should poll current riders or your local shop for specific tuning suggestions.

Click the image to see more shots of Guillermo’s beautifully modified Vespa, or click here or watch the YouTube video below. Team 226 photos are here.

Who's wearing 226?

Tank Top!Featuring our high-priced European model, known only as “Mikel”, this tank top is available for immediately delivery. Buy one for your better half and send us pictures!

Mikel Limon, Westside Scooter Club, Los Angeles, CA.
Photo: Courtesy of Tanktop

The online store is open for business!

I know we keep saying it, but Lambretta pipes are coming soon as are small-frame Vespa pipes. Almost saved up enough money to finish the testing/protoyping. In the meantime, the H-Bomb and, of course, the Hot Wing are available - now for all scoot styles! Come to us you P, Stella / LML Star, and pre-P vintage riders. We’ve got you covered. You are getting very sleepy, you will buy our pipe, you will go fast, you will be the envy of all others...

Seriously, response to both pipes has been great, and we’re anxious to get these babies into your hands so we’re working around the clock to meet the demand. Order one now. Or just indicate your interest, get on our mailing list, or open lines of communication with us at: info@226vintage.com.

If you don’t own one of the current models mentioned, come back in a month or submit your suggested model for testing here.

Handmade in the US by well-respected members of the scooter community with dozens of awards for designing, building, and riding. Try one on for size.

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